It’s time for a paradigm shift around electronics

Our Mission is to fundamentally change the way consumers and businesses think about technology.

We’re working towards a future where every device lasts for years, where new devices are made from high quality, remanufactured components and materials. Let’s move away from a culture where disposable is the norm.

positive trend

We’re part of a growing movement

Sustainability-minded businesses like ours are calling time on our throw-away society. Every day we are joined by new peers who have made the shift. Are you ready?

We now know “throw-away” can mean our waste is exported to less regulated countries where toxic debris piles up, human lives are endangered and valuable resources are lost. Instead, we advocate a circular economy, where nothing is waste.

radical shift

We aren’t your average recycling company

Around the world, we produce 50 million tons of electronic waste every year. That’s the equivalent of 800 laptops being discarded every second—and only 160 are recycled.

But we’re not just thinking about recycling. We want to completely end the act of “throwing away”.

Easier & Quicker

Fast, easy and frictionless

Our aim is to dramatically reduce waste by offering an easy-to-book collection service to help homes and businesses get unwanted items out of the way quickly.

We optimise the lifecycle of your devices, so you don’t have to.

We accept computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other small devices—whether in working condition or not. For bulkier items like fridges, we might have to charge a small fee.

renewal process

Breathing new life into old devices

Once we’ve picked-up your unwanted items, our team of skilled engineers get to work. They ensure that 100% of the equipment we receive is repaired, reused or recycled. Any data is carefully wiped.

Our refurbished products are rigorously tested in a safe and secure environment. Our devices come complete with a unique warranty to ensure maximum longevity.


— Nick Rawkins

Business services

An environmentally friendly way of disposing of unwanted IT equipment.

Offered alongside industry-leading data protection systems. Find out what we can do for your business below.

home services

Unused electronics gathering dust? Help us help the planet and let us recycle them instead.

Don’t let unwanted electronics go to waste. By sending them to us you’ll be helping spark a change in the way we handle e-waste.



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