How to recycle your Laptop with RECONO.ME

Your old laptop isn’t showing any signs of life; or it tries to boot-up and gets stuck on one of the infamous “Mac screens of death”; or maybe it just too slow to keep up with what you need of it.

We’ve all been here. We’ve all probably got a couple sitting at home, or a whole office storage room full of ‘em.

RECONO.ME offers convenient options to help you sustainably dispose of used laptops. We’re here to take the hassle and cost out of the process. We also always include certified data wiping (read more about our commitment to data protection).

1) Book a free home or business collection and recycle your old laptop (London-wide)

The Service

A painless way to get rid of all of those devices gathering dust. RECONO.ME specialises in finding value in old and no-longer working devices. We repair ~75% of the devices we receive, a big number of which are donated laptops.

What we do

We’ve been developing a safe and sustainable way to recycle laptops. Our London-based technicians use specialised software to wipe clean data from your old laptops. They then repair, and upgrade where possible, whole devices, replacing worn components with new. Valuable components are also gleaned from otherwise defunct laptops. The entire process is zero waste to landfill.

2) Try our new MacBook Pro buy-back service to recycle your used laptop for cash

The Service

Sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye… but it helps that RECONO.ME recycles select laptops for cash. We provide cash-back on MacBook Pro and Dell XPS models. We’ll be expanding this service in the coming months to other newer, higher-end laptop models.

What we do

We’ll send you an estimate of what we think your laptop is worth. Once we receive your laptop and check it over, we’ll transfer you the agreed amount. After that, your laptop goes through the same process as above, starting with data deletion.

Improperly disposing of laptops means they’ll end-up in landfills, incinerators, or exported illegally and processed by human hands under poor conditions. RECONO.ME recycles old laptops within the UK, reducing distances traveled, preventing harm to the environment and human health.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our collections service or our laptop recycling programme.