We wipe your devices using specialised sanitisation software – based on the same standards the UK government uses for erasing data from its devices. Just to be sure, we overwrite every sector of the drive three times and thoroughly verify our work, giving you peace of mind.

data Erasure

Our Methods

Our approach to data deletion is modelled on industry leading methods. We partner with one of Europe’s premier erasure software providers, only one of three certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), meaning our approach is watertight. We are fully GDPR compliant which means you are too.


Guaranteed security

Corrupt hard drives are sent to our vetted partner facility to be shredded and recycled. We only choose downstream partners who meet our high safety and environmental standards and you’ll receive a certificate when the process is complete.

data privacy

On-site destruction

RECONO.ME takes data privacy very seriously and we understand you do too. That’s why we offer on-site physical destruction of hard drives to businesses looking for an extra layer of protection for any sensitive business data.



How to recycle your Laptop with RECONO.ME

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Our guide to making more sustainable choices

2018 saw the media and public turn its attention to the environment. At RECONO.me we think 2019 is the year for change. We’re sharing our little black book of big green contacts to help you make lasting changes to your environment.