Laptop Buyback


We offer cash-back on Apple MacBook Pros and Dell XPS models. We’ll offer up to £200 on a mid-2012 i7 15” MacBook Pro in great condition. Simply fill in the form below to see what we can offer you for that dusty laptop.

As new models come out, old gadgets mount up. Our rebate programme offers cash-back for newer devices in good nick – what more incentive do you need to have a clear out?

To add multiple numbers, separate with a comma. More information on how to find your serial number can be found here.
How would you describe the condition of the device?
Checking this box confirms that these are my own devices and/or I have the authority to make decisions regarding change of ownership. RECONO.ME checks all devices against national blacklist databases to confirm they are not lost or stolen.
We value your privacy. We will not share your personal details with third parties. We may share data we gather about devices with policy makers and manufacturers to lobby for better regulation and longer-lasting design.

Data Protection

We include certified data deletion on every laptop we receive – you’ll get a certificate from us when complete.

Our date erasure software will wipe your device totally clean. We use the same standard of erasure as required for UK government documents. We’ll even provide you with a certificate as a guarantee of your data security.

what we do

For laptops that are damaged, we may not be able to offer a rebate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put it to good use.

We still offer free postage, data deletion, and responsible recycling. Our technicians are able to recover important components that will be fed back into manufacturing streams to reduce the amount of waste created by the electronics industry.



That’s why we offer free collections of computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other small devices – whether in working condition or not. For some bulkier items like fridges, we might have to charge a small fee, so let our team know what it is you’re looking to recycle.



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