Why we exist

Alarming facts lead to inspired change

  • In the UK, for every single phone in use, as many as 4 are sitting unused
  • 1 in 2 devices we throw away are still working
  • E-waste is already the fastest growing waste stream around the world and we are only recycling 20% of our electronics
  • Electronics represent 2% of landfill volume, but 70% of overall toxicity

(Data from: Green Alliance; US EPA; World Economic Forum Jan 2019 report)

What we do

Regearing the electronics industry for the Circular Economy

We take away a wide range of devices and IT equipment that you don’t want and fix them up so they stay in use for longer. We’ll collect them from you too!


We supply great quality renewed hardware at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of buying brand new. 


Our team of skilled engineers ensure 100% of the equipment we receive is Repaired, Reused or Recycled.


Quick and easy-to-book collection service for unwanted electronics. Your data is wiped with leading sanitisation software.

Dust off your unwanted laptops, iPhones, PCs and monitors and book a free collection with us

We’ll take anything with a battery, plug or cable. Our team of skilled engineers ensure that 100% of the equipment

we receive is Repaired, Reused or Recycled, as well as making sure any data is carefully wiped.



Moving office or upgrading hardware? Contact us for a free consultation.

  • Certified secure data deletion
  • Hassle-free collections
  • Carbon emissions & sustainability advice
  • Full warranties on reused equipment
  • Guaranteed sustainable process
  • Tailor-made recycling solutions : on-site data destruction, asset management, and more


Gadgets gathering dust? Claim back your cupboards and drawers!

  • Free certified data deletion
  • Free collection
  • Buy-back of select devices
  • Zero waste—devices are repaired & upgraded and given a second chance
  • Hard-drive destruction (by appointment, at our workshop)


– TimeOut Magazine